Do your legs swell during your pregnancy? Suffer no more! We explain how you can drain your legs at home yourself and relieve your swollen legs.

Pregnancy is a beautiful stage in women’s lives. Feeling a life growing inside you and your body changing makes the miracle of life possible. Although it is a stage that is lived with illusion, it is not all rosy. There are also some physical consequences, due to hormonal changes.

The parts of the body that suffer the most are usually the legs and back, especially if you are in the last months of the hot season. Even women who have never suffered from swollen legs suffer from it during pregnancy.

A good way to relieve the legs is the lymphatic drainage massage, a source of wellness and relaxation for pregnant women, which helps to avoid some pain and deflate the legs. We can go to a professional, but it is difficult to go every day to take care of ourselves. But do not despair; there are also solutions to do it ourselves at home.

Take care of your body during pregnancy with massages to do at home. 

Although the most important thing for you, from now on, will always be your baby, you should not forget about yourself. It is crucial that you take care of yourself and feel well, and that you can take care of your baby with joy and good health when he or she is born.

From Glo, we always bet on natural and non-invasive care, to help you relieve your legs, especially during pregnancy. We propose some easy massages that you can perform with the Glo910 device, so you can relieve your legs, deflate them, prevent the formation or worsening of cellulite, and even treat it.

Back pain (lumbar): Back and lumbar massage 

The part that suffers the most during pregnancy is the lower back. A few mothers do not experience back pain as pregnancy progresses.

If you can, go to a specialist to receive a massage to relieve or reduce this discomfort.

The technique used by the specialist will vary, but will always consist of gentle tapping, friction, and pressure, as well as "kneading".

All this can be done with Glo910 at home. For the back, you will need help, but it will also be easier for the helper to do it with the help of Glo910.

How to do it at home with Glo910 devices:

  • Soft-Massage Head: This sponge rotor allows for a massage that loosens the muscles and gently massages them. It has the same effect as gentle tapping and soft kneading. It is very pleasant, and relieves pain and muscle contractions. Recommended speed: Minimum speed.

  • Cellu-Detox Head: With the muscle already more relaxed, you can pass this head to work a little deeper into the muscle, putting pressure on it. Recommended speed: Minimum or medium speed.

Swollen legs: Lymphatic drainage massage

The legs are undoubtedly another area of the body that suffers the most during pregnancy. Massage can also relieve pain and reduce muscle tension. In addition, it is normal for small cramps to appear in the legs during the evolution of pregnancy.

The increase in the weight and volume of body fluids causes the legs to swell; therefore, draining the legs is a good solution to deflate and reduce tissue tension.

This massage will also prevent cellulite once you give birth, or worsen it, if you already have it. This is because the cause that triggers the cellulite process is fluid retention, which alters the behavior of fat cells (adipocytes).

How to do it at home with Glo910 devices:

  • Cellu-Detox Head: Support the head and slide it slowly from bottom to top to stimulate the lymphatic system, allowing the head to drain fluids and toxins. Recommended speed: Medium/Intense speed.

  • Cryomassage Head: Apply this pleasant massage with the Cool Legs cold head. This head uses Glo's patented "Motion Chriotherapy ®" technology that unites the benefits of massage and cold. It is stored in the freezer, and attaches to the Glo910 device. The cold deflates the tissue, relieving swelling and pain. It is very comfortable and avoids the problems of other cold systems (dripping, cold hands, burns on the skin). Legs are refreshed and feel light. Recommended speed: Medium/Intense speed.

Swollen hands and feet: Foot and hand massage.

The feet and hands also tend to swell during pregnancy. Massaging these areas, as they are more accessible and visible, has a greater effect.

In case the swelling is excessive, consult your doctor to rule out other possible more serious ailments.

How to do it at home with Glo910 devices:

Hand massage 

  • Soft-Massage Head: This sponge rotor allows you to perform a soft and pleasant hand massage that will help you deflate your hands. Run it over the back of the hand and up the forearm to activate the lymphatic system.
  • Recommended speed: Minimum speed.


Foot massage

  • Soft-Massage bezel: This sponge rotor allows a soft and pleasant massage, which will help you to deflate and relax the soles of your feet.
  • Recommended speed: Minimum speed.

  • Cryomassage Head: Apply this pleasant massage with the cold head of the Cool Legs. On the sole of the foot, there is no fat, the massage will relax the inflamed muscle fascia, relieving swelling and pain. Apply to the sole of the foot. Recommended speed: Minimum or medium speed. 

Wellness and relaxation: Relaxing and refreshing massages

Why not also enjoy a pleasant massage that gives you well-being? Using Glo910, physical and emotional well-being can be improved. A real source of relaxation, so you can enjoy your body. To do this, use the Soft-Massage head (soft sponges) at minimum speed for your legs, back, neck, arms ..... Its gentle movements give you a pleasant sensation of well-being. Treat yourself to this relaxing ritual. Accompany it with candles and soft music to create a relaxing atmosphere.