criomasaje Cool Legs
criomasaje Cool Legs
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Glo Cool Legs. Cryomassage.

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Instantly light and fresh legs!

If your legs feel tired, heavy, swollen or in pain, cryomassage is the answer to your problem. These problems usually occur during hot weather, pregnancy, after a long-haul flight,when you work long hours sitting or standing, or when you have spent a long day on your feet or a night in heels.

Thanks to Motion Cryotherapy ® technology, you can now say goodbye to tired and heavy legs!

And thanks to its Cool Legs applicator, you can easily roll and move it up and down the problem area, making your legs feel light, agile and in tune, eliminating pain and fatigue. Cool Legs will give you instant freshness and relief that will last you hours, not to mention a soothing massage!

In just a few minutes your legs will feel light, fresh and rejuvenated. No need to worry anymore about being in pain!

    Benefits How to Use Technology

    The Secret to light legs? Cold massage

    Motion Cryotherapy ®

    Glo's patented technology, simultaneously apply massage and cold, reducing inflammation and edema.

    Relieves pain and heaviness

    A solution for heavy, swollen and sore legs. The tissue is deflated, the edema is reduced, and the legs feel light and fresh.

    Instantly light legs!

    With only 10 min of treatment, you will feel a pleasant sensation of freshness and lightness that will last for hours.

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    Sylvia A.
    KW KW

    It really makes my legs feel light and pain free.