We began with a dream

To make women feel happier and more confident with their body

In 2016, we created GLO, a Spanish company founded for women and motivated by a big dream—to give all women the opportunity of feeling good in their bodies, providing them a way to gain confidence and self-esteem.

Our vision is to build a trustworthy brand, where any woman can find the best combination of products to achieve her unique beauty goals.

We want the woman to have control over her body and her beauty routine, which she can personalize to her liking, whenever and wherever she desires so. For this reason, at Glo we develop our own products, which are designed exclusively for at-home use. We try to make them comfortable and easy to use, and above all, effective!

Ixone Elosegui y Miren Gª-Chazarra

Founders of Glo

our story

As women, we know firsthand that cellulite is a big aesthetic concern for us that causes frustration and, in many cases, insecurity, which goes on to affect our self-esteem. As professionals, we detected an opportunity when we realized that there was no techno-beauty device that could treat cellulite effectively on the market. As beauty enthusiasts who enjoy a good challenge, we decided to embark on this adventure. We combined our experience in developing and manufacturing electrical beauty devices with the expert knowledge from doctors, physiotherapists, and engineers. And after three years of hard work, Glo910, our first device, was born, and with it our brand, Glo.

Miren Gª-Chazarra

The first device


We are very proud of our first born—the Glo910. This techno-beauty device combats cellulite and alleviate tired and heavy legs so that you feel fabulous. It is a product that actually works and has been clinically tested to demonstrate everything it is capable of. 

“You might be wondering: why 910? We named our device glo910 because 9 out of 10 women have cellulite at some point in their lives. Our brand, Glo, once again showcases this, as the logo also looks like the number 910.”

Ixone Elosegui

An “IN&OUT” care

Being innovative by nature and assisted with the understanding of a woman’s real needs, we have developed a very specialized range of natural skincare and nutricosmetic products, aiming to help women both look better and feel better, to take care of them from inside and out. At Glo you can find well-designed and ultra-powerful formulas, all made in Spain. 

Our nutricosmetic products go through a special making process that avoids using artificial ingredients (such as maltrodextrina or aerosil), preservatives, or added sugar. 

Our Team

At GLO, we have a team of women who are passionate about female beauty. And as women, we understand you! We know what your worries and concerns are, and we know about your fast pace of life and that sometimes you simply don’t have the time for selfcare. Thinking of you, we developed TOP solutions that allow you to enjoy professional at-home care, just like at a SPA.

We want you to know that you are not alone, that we are honored to accompany you on this exciting journey of selfcare. So, we leave at your disposal all possible means to get in touch and receive personalized assessment and expert advice. 

Go a step further for all women

Beyond physical beauty, we care about women’s wellbeing, because we want a more just and equal world for all of us. Because of this, we are collaborating with Daughters Rising association by donating a percentage of our online sales

Thanks to Daughters Rising association and our time spent in Thailand, we learned about the difficult situation that young girls of the Karen ethnic group in Thailand, who are at high risk of falling victim to sex trafficking. Daughters Rising works to eliminate the risk factors by using a model combining education, employment, and outreach. It empowers the girls to end trafficking and exploitation in their communities and break the cycle of intergenerational poverty.


We are proud to be a part of the Spanish Luxury Association, Luxury Spain, in its Beauty category. Luxury Spain has an international recognition and is made up of more than 150 national and international companies deemed to represent the word “excellency.”

The prestigious international beauty and wellness awards, THE BEAUTY SHORT LIST AWARDS, awarded its prizes to 4 Glo products in 2022 in two categories—Beauty and Wellness, recognizing the outstanding quality and effectiveness of our products.


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