Vibrating feeling in womb during pregnancy (What’s going on?)

Vibrating feeling in womb during pregnancy (What’s going on?)

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For all expecting moms, especially the first-timers, pregnancy is a journey full of wonders and surprises. As the little miracle grows, you will also begin to reconnect with your own body and discover a brand-new physical sensibility. From the moment that you experience the baby’s first kick, this almost uncanny feeling of you two sharing the same body and feeling movements that aren’t made by you won’t stop until the birth. 

Vibrating feeling in stomach while pregnant


Why does my stomach vibrate while pregnant in the third trimester?

Between 26 to 28 weeks, most babies start to move regularly. But just as you think you are getting used to its motions and rhythms, some “strange” or “unnatural” feeling, which can be described as shaking or twitching, occurs and makes you worry again. But as we will explain in this blog, most likely this is nothing of serious concern. Here are some common reasons as of why this happens:

  1. Yes, as your baby grows, it also becomes more active and does more things than just “kick.” When it stretches, you might feel a twitching sensation that lasts longer than a normal kick or punch.
  2. Hiccup and sneeze. Yes, it turns out the cutie pie can hiccup, cough, or sneeze when it is still in mom’s belly. It might feel weird for the mom when it happens suddenly, but it is totally normal.
  3. Muscle spasms. As the baby grows day by day, they might experience muscle spasms as a result. This might feel like jolting movements for the mom.
  4. Cord movement. Sometimes the baby might find itself tangled by the chord and will try to move and break free. This might sound alarming, but the truth is this is actually very common.
  5. Irritable uterus. Some women have the condition of an irritable uterus, which might be the cause of the shaking feeling.
  6. What you eat. Sometimes, a baby might suddenly become very active when you have very cold beverages or take caffeine.
Vibrating feeling while pregnant

The bottom line is that fetal movements is a good indicator for a healthy baby. But always consult your doctor when you are concerned that something is wrong and do not hesitate to seek medical attention. Together with the doctors, Glo is also here to give all the help and support to all moms. During a pregnancy, many women will experience lower back pain and other discomforts. For this, we recommend using the Soft-Massage head that comes with Glo910 to give yourself a massage.

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Prgnant woman

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