Pedicure Massage While Pregnant (Areas to Avoid!)

Pedicure Massage While Pregnant (Areas to Avoid!)

Being pregnant comes with immerse joy, but also physical discomforts. Among the most common, swollen feet and heavy legs must be high on that list. Especially if you spend most of the day on your feet, the swelling and throbbing feeling can indeed become bothersome, surely a pedicure massage sounds like just the treat you need, but is it safe though? 

Areas to avoid when massaging the feet during pregnancy

Foot massage while pregnant and areas to avoid

The benefits of massage therapy during pregnancy have been demonstrated repeatedly. Pregnant women who undergo regular professional massage therapies are reported to be less stressed, with lower back as well as leg and feet pain lessened, and many even experience less pain and shorter time in labor. Now, who wouldn’t want that? 

Prenatal massages are generally considered as safe after the first trimester. But typically, you should avoid lower extremity massages if you have a history of blood clots or deep vein thrombosis. Also not recommendable is getting a feet massage at a nail salon, because although the idea of getting your nails clipped and painted while having someone massaging them sounds wonderful, the truth is most beauticians working in a nail salon aren’t certified massage therapists who are qualified to care for pregnant women. Furthermore, our feet are full of acupressure points, some of which are not recommended to receive much pressure while pregnant. They are—

  • The SP6 acupressure point.
  • Urinary Bladder 60.
  • Urinary Bladder 67.

In any case, you should always consult your doctor before scheduling a foot massage session. And if your doctor does give the greenlight, a foot massage done right can bring so much relaxation and satisfaction. Did you know that Glo has a set of products devoted to this purpose?

Can you get a foot massage while pregnant


Start with Glo910 with the Soft Massage head included in the set. The soft sponge is perfect for gently messaging you lower legs and feet. You can use it whenever you want. Just make sure your skin is dry and set the intensity level to low and start massaging, from the foot then move slowly upwards

Another great treatment for edema (fluid retention that causes swelling in affected tissues) during pregnancy is cold massage therapy, and Glo has developed the best combo products. Check our recommendations to help 

The Cool Legs massaging head is filled with cryo-gel and is designed to be stored in the fridge and taken out just before each use. With Glo910, our patented motion cryotherapy means that you won’t get cold burns, and that both the coolness and the right pressure will be evenly applied to all areas. Hydrate the skin with Serum910 beforehand and enjoy an enhanced result—lighter and depuffed legs and feet in just 20 minutes, with throbbing pain or soreness immediately lessened. This is the ideal foot massage for a glowing lady!

A good self-care routine during your pregnancy is essential so that you feel great, lessen the swelling of your legs, and stop cellulite. Discover beauty and self-care treatments that are perfect for soon-to-be mothers.