Massage for pregnant women

Massage for pregnant women

Congratulations on your pregnancy! During this stage of your life, you should pamper yourself and take care of yourself a lot, especially when your belly starts to grow and cause you some discomfort. And you may be wondering, what kind of massages can I get while pregnant?

During the months of pregnancy, your body undergoes many changes, which may cause some pain (back pain, pelvic discomfort and inflammation of the sciatic nerve), pain in the feet, notice that your legs swell (especially in hot weather) ... among other ailments that may be uncomfortable.

Your doctor will tell you how you should be your diet and care to avoid gaining excess weight, but sometimes pregnancy also involves circulatory problems and fluid retention, which can be relieved with a simple massage.

If during pregnancy you notice some of these discomforts, we are going to explain how you can alleviate them and feel much better.

You should know that, in addition, massage for pregnant women has a relaxing effect, relieving tension, headaches, insomnia, back discomfort, and regulating the nervous system. This will help you to have a positive mood that will give you energy.

From Glo, we have developed an area exclusively dedicated to pregnant women, the pre-mom collection so that you can take care of yourself properly, and do not doubt whether or not you can use our products. In addition, we explain how you can use them during pregnancy to make it super easy to take care of yourself.

These massages that you can do at home yourself, will allow you to relieve some of the typical discomforts of pregnancy at home. Plus, taking some time for yourself to do the massage will give you a moment of peace of mind that will make you feel better.

Ready to start taking care of yourself? Let's take a look at three types of massage that will make you feel better. 

Can you get massages while pregnant?

It is very common during pregnancy to suffer from swollen legs due to fluid retention. This accumulation causes the legs and feet to swell, especially in hot weather, producing a very annoying feeling of tiredness and heaviness. It is very typical to feel that your feet do not fit well in your shoes or that the rings do not come out loosely from the toes.

From the fourth month of gestation you can prevent fluid retention thanks to the massages that we are going to explain you how to perform. And keep in mind that this will also help you to prevent cellulite in pregnancy.

This massage is the most effective that you will be able to perform with the Glo910 device, helping you to:

Activate your blood circulation.
Activate your lymphatic circulation.
Drain excess fluid, and therefore deflate and relieve the legs and feet (and the body in general).
Refresh and lighten your legs.
Step 1: with the Soft-Massage head (soft sponges). This massage helps stimulate the lymphatic system to deflate.

Start with the soles of the feet, until they feel relaxed.
We move on to massage the ankles.
We go up the inside of the calf.
Massage the knee area, which tends to accumulate liquids and swell.
We continue by sliding the device up the inside of the thigh to the groin area.
Once applied to one leg, repeat on the other.

Pregnant leg massage

Step 2: with the Cellu-Detox draining head. Apply the massage in an upward direction from around the knees upwards, all over the thigh, about 5 minutes. Repeat on the other leg.

Full body massage for pregnant women

Step 3: We will use the Cool Legs cryomassage head. This innovative patented head provides a pleasant draining massage with cold, which reduces swelling of the legs. We simply store it in the freezer so that it is cold when we are going to apply it. It is placed in the device, like the rest of the treatment heads, and we apply it on the areas of the leg that we notice especially swollen and heavy (feet, calves and thighs) always in an upward direction.


Foot massage for pregnant women

Step 4: apply Serum 910 revitalizing leg serum to activate circulation and reduce edema so that your legs feel light. You can store it in the refrigerator if you find it pleasant to feel more freshness. This super cosmetic, formulated like a high-end facial cosmetic, concentrates encapsulated active ingredients to maximize its effectiveness and provide instant relief. Your legs will feel much more beautiful and lighter, full of vitality.

Benefits of massage for pregnant women

To perform this massage find a place in your home that makes you feel good, cozy and pleasant, where no one will disturb you. You can play music that allows you to disconnect and be focused on this moment, with soft lighting or candles.

It is common during pregnancy to feel some anxiety or stress, which you can reduce and soothe with a gentle and relaxing massage.

For this massage we will use the Soft-Massage soft sponge head, and you can apply it all over the body or focus on areas such as the feet. Massaging the feet when you are pregnant reduces tension and fatigue, as they bear more weight than usual and tend to feel more tired. In addition, we will apply the massage to the ankles to prevent them from swelling.

To massage the whole body, we will also start on the soles of the feet, and we will go up in the direction of blood circulation, through the legs, around the knees, thighs (especially the inner part, where the lymph nodes are). We will apply it on the hands on both sides, forearms and arms up to the shoulder.
Then, we will apply it on the neckline, from the center upwards (as if it were a fan), trapezius and neck.

If you can reach it well with your hands, you can apply it on the lumbar area, but on the back, you should be helped. If you are going to perform the massage on your back, lie down and gather your hair well (you can even gather it under a pool cap), this way the person who applies the massage can pass it all over your back (avoiding the spine), up your neck and pass it over your skull, which is very relaxing.

It is very common during pregnancy to feel back pain, especially in the lower back, due to the increased weight of the belly.

To treat this area it is best to ask your partner for help, there are women who do it by themselves, but you need to have some flexibility in your arms.

Use the soft massage head soft-massage to relieve the load on the muscles.

We hope that your pregnancy will be much more pleasant and that you can enjoy it to the fullest thanks to these simple massage maneuvers. Do you dare to take care of yourself? discover Glo's pre-mom collection.

Relaxing massage for pregnant women