How to Get Rid of Cellulite at Home: The Professional Way

How to Get Rid of Cellulite at Home: The Professional Way

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Cellulite is in the 'top ten' of aesthetic concerns among women. Eliminating it is not easy, but not impossible. At Glo we advocate comprehensive treatments, i.e. the combination of advanced appliances for home use with cutting-edge cosmetics and natural nustricosmetics, with extra care at home to help, enhance and keep cellulite at bay. This is the best way to get rid of cellulite at home.

Here are some tips from our medical partners that you can do at home to try to reduce and improve cellulite.

STEP 1: Discover habits that promote cellulite and fat accumulation.

The first thing is to put on the table all those things we do wrong. Without realizing it, we can perform certain unhealthy habits on a daily basis, which favor the appearance of cellulite. Poor hydration, lack of exercise and poor diet favor the appearance of "orange peel skin".

The idea is to be aware of which habits we should avoid, so that we do not do them on a regular basis.

1.1. Foods that favor the appearance of cellulite

There are certain foods that have a negative impact on our figure and our health, which is the most important thing. Ready meals, salty snacks, deli meats and refined sugars, pastries, fried foods.... favor this unsightly problem, if they are part of our regular diet.

Fried foods

Its power to accumulate fat is such that it is one of the main reasons that cause orange peel skin. The thighs and buttocks are the most affected.

Foods to avoid if you want to get rid of cellulite at home


Far from hydrating, alcoholic beverages cause constriction of the blood vessels, aggravating the cellulite problem. If you feel like having a beer or a glass of wine from time to time, that's fine, but avoid drinking it with every meal, substituting water instead.


Refined sugar accumulates in certain parts of the body and turns into fat. If you drink coffee, try to get used to not drinking it with sugar, avoid soft drinks with high sugar content and pastries.

Industrial pastries

This type of confectionery contains saturated fats and sugar, a bomb for your body. Ice creams with cream and sugar are also a calorie bomb, try not to abuse in summer.


Avoid salty snacks, chips with fizzy drinks, for example. This snack is a fried food with a high salt content, and a soft drink has so much sugar that the liver is not able to process it and transforms it into fat and cholesterol.


STEP 2: Discover a few simple habits that will help you eliminate cellulite at home

2.1. Beauty routine to eliminate cellulite

  • Cold water shower: it helps us to activate the circulation of the legs. It is recommended to hold about 5 minutes in which we go from the ankle to the thigh Courage brave! it costs at first but then you feel great.
  • Anti-cellulite massages: by acting on the muscles and lymphatic vessels, we manage to eliminate liquids and localized fat. This massage is not easy to perform, but you can help yourself with our Glo910 device, designed to faithfully reproduce the massage with proven effectiveness. It will help you to do it well and be consistent, because it is very, very easy. This is one of the best ways to get rid of cellulite at home.


Remove cellulite at home
  • Dry body exfoliation: allows you to remove dead cells, improve blood circulation, activate lymphatic drainage and prevent cellulite. You can do it with a natural bristle brush. You can use the Glo910 Body Brush exfoliating head, in only 10 minutes you will have a professional exfoliation without any effort. Dry brushing activates circulation and, by removing dead cells, allows body creams to penetrate better.
Get rid of cellulite at home
  • Anti-cellulite creams: In Glo we have high-end cosmetics and we recommend applying them twice a day with a gentle massage, best after performing the anti-cellulite massage with the Glo910 device. The Oil 910 reducing oil is a marvel, a natural botanical oil loaded with essential oils for a SPA experience, which fills you with energy while smoothing the orange peel skin.
Tips to eliminate cellulite at home

2.2. Foods to prevent cellulite

  • Fruit for cellulite: Potassium-rich fruits such as bananas are recommended because they promote diuresis. Therefore, they prevent water retention and promote healthy blood circulation. Strawberries, blackberries and raspberries are also excellent anti-cellulite fruits and antioxidants.
  • Vegetables for cellulite: Onions are one of the best natural diuretics. It has a draining and detoxifying effect that helps eliminate toxins, activates circulation and reduces blood sugar levels. It is also recommended to take vegetables that contain bioflavonoids that help strengthen capillaries, preventing against the appearance of "orange peel skin" such as zucchini, celery, mushrooms, potatoes, artichokes, asparagus, carrots, lamb's lettuce, pumpkin, chard... are also rich in potassium.
  • Legumes: Legumes, especially lentils and quinoa, contain proteins that help the body build muscle instead of fat.
  • Fish: it is rich in omega 3, a type of good fats for the body that, among other things, has an anti-inflammatory effect and promotes blood circulation, which is why its consumption helps prevent or improve cellulite.
  • Water: drinking water is necessary to eliminate toxins and fat. Contrary to popular belief, not drinking enough water can lead to fluid retention.Drinks to avoid: Coffee and alcohol as they dehydrate.
  • Infusions: help us to purify such as artichoke, horsetail or dandelion. Discover Glo's slimming infusions and teas, two programs formulated with organic extracts and calibrated by experts to help you during the day or at night to activate the burning of fat and the elimination of liquids. (Not yet available in the USA).
Foods to improve your cellulite at home

2.3. Exercises for cellulite reduction

  • Jumping rope like a professional boxer: it is one of the most complete exercises, as it involves the whole body, especially the legs, very aerobic. You will burn a large number of calories in a short time without leaving home.
  • Strength exercises: Strength work increases muscle mass, decreases our body fat and thus increases our metabolism, which interferes in a positive way in the reduction of cellulite. You can use elastic bands to increase intensity and strength.
  • Squats: add a squat session with several repetitions to your daily routine. If you want to add more intensity, use elastic bands.
  • Brisk walking: 30 min/day is enough, but better if you reach 1h. You can make it more intense by adding ankle weights. Take the weights up the stairs when you get home and forget about the elevator!
  • Strides: The longer the stride, the more load we put on the muscle. These resistance exercises help to build muscle mass and to eliminate cellulite in legs and buttocks.
  • Side steps: with gluteus rubber placed above the knees.


2.4. The latest: nutraceuticals

Boost results with specific supplements designed to act where you need them most, from fat burners, drainers, firmness stimulators, natural moisturizers .... the advantage, they act from the inside at the cellular level. Their results are not short term, they are usually seen after 3 months of use. At Glo, we know this, and we offer nutricosmetics that can help you according to your needs, always natural, without additives, sugars, etc. pure extracts and patented ingredients to ensure results. (Not yet available in the USA).
How to get rid of cellulite at home
Why not taking advantage of the time you are at home to put an end to that aesthetic issue that gives you a complex? You can create the habits that will help you achieve it and eliminate the 'orange peel skin 💪🏻 Courage, let nothing stop you!💪🏻.
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