How to Massage a Pregnant Woman: Ideal Techniques

How to Massage a Pregnant Woman: Ideal Techniques

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While pregnant, it is both amazing and beautiful to be able to look in the mirror and within weeks see how your body begins to change to help it bring a new life to this world, and while this experience is nothing but fulfilling, it’s hard to ignore these drastic changes at the same time. In this situation, you may be wondering if it would be good to get a massage while pregnant.

How to massage a pregnant woman

Due to the hormonal and various other changes that your body goes through as it works to help protect your baby and yourself during pregnancy as well as during and after childbirth, many pregnant women have experienced various levels of aches throughout their body. To solve them, a prenatal massage can help.

For example, some women may experience:

• Tender breasts
• Mild period-like cramps
• Lower back and joint pains
• Swelling of legs and feet
• Pelvic pain
• Tired and heavy legs
• Cellulite

Although pregnancy may sound a bit scary and can be quite draining for some, there is nothing more beautiful and unique than that first moment where you get to meet your child after months of anxious waiting and discomfort. That is why it is incredibly important for you to take care of yourself throughout your pregnancy. After all, happy and healthy mom means, happy and healthy baby.
What can I do to feel more comfortable and to help manage any pain?

Of course, when experiencing any sort of pain while you’re pregnant, it is important to consult your obstetrician/gynecologist (OB/GYN), but a good and well-done massage will help to lessen pain in areas like your lower back, legs and feet, as well as help diminish any swelling or appearance of cellulite that may appear on your thighs, legs, or feet.

Let us not forget! Massages are also a great form of stress relief! This is amazing for any worrisome expecting mother, as stress can lead to complications for both you and your baby. A big no-no.

As a matter of fact, at Glo, we care about every woman’s health and wellness. That includes every pregnant woman as well, which is why we have come up with some great techniques and treatments for you to try out and help diminish any pain or stress you may be experiencing. All in the safety and comfort of your own home.

Massage techniques for pregnancy

1. Anti-Cellulite Massage 

Lifestyle and genetics are some of many reasons for why women suffer from cellulite. Unfortunately, pregnancy does not aid in this area; it does the opposite instead. That is why if you suffered from cellulite prior to your pregnancy, we recommend for you to use our anti-cellulite massage head with our Glo910+ device, the best choice if you're looking for an anticellulite massager.

An anti-cellulite massage can help to:

  • Drain any fluid retention, fat and accumulated toxins
  • Better distribute adipocytes (fat cells)
  • Improve both lymphatic and blood circulation
  • Activate the elasticity of connective tissue

Can I just use my hands for my massage instead?
The short answer is not really. A well-done manual massage can be great and just as effective as using our device (keynote on well-done and effective). For manual massages to be effective, they must be applied repetitively by qualified professionals, therefore, you must need to spend quite a lot of money and time every month to see a professional masseuse. Money and time which not every expecting mom is able to provide for in a consistent manner; especially since pregnancy and babies already require so much of your time and money.

2. Cryomassage

If you’re experiencing any swollen or heavy legs, our COOL LEGS® applicator will provide you with a refreshing cold massage that will leave your legs feeling light, agile, refined, and no longer in any pain or in a fatigued state for hours.

Massage techniques for pregnancy

3. Soft Massage

When you purchase our Glo910+ you will receive four different kinds of massage heads that you can remove and add to your device depending on what kind of massage you’re looking to apply.

At Glo, we know how delicate our bodies can be, especially when you’re pregnant. That is why we recommend you use our soft massage head on delicate areas on your body (feet, elbows, and your growing belly) so that you can experience relief from any pain or soreness while not hurting yourself at the same time.

4. Serum 910

This serum itself is great for relieving any heavy or tired feeling in your legs, but when combined with our cryomassage head, you will notice an improvement in your circulation and edema (fluid retention), as well as with the appearance of cellulite in the treated areas. Once finished, you will feel as if you’re walking on cloud nine.

Your body’s ability to be able to create a whole new human being in your womb for 9 months is astonishing. It is a task that requires various forms of sacrifice, but your comfort should not be one that you give up permanently. That is why it is important for you to remember to take care of yourself well so that you can experience a safe pregnancy and delivery.

It is impossible to know which is the best massage for pregnant women because each body is different. Either way, Glo serum will help you have a better pregnancy.