3 Ways to Improve Heavy Legs During Pregnancy

3 Ways to Improve Heavy Legs During Pregnancy

As exciting as it may be to know that soon enough you will be welcoming your child into this world, we can’t deny how tiring and gruesome this experience may be for some. After all, your body is making room to adapt for the growth of a human being inside of you, and so, there are women who may experience heavy or tired legs and liquid retention at the end of the day due to things like hormonal changes, as well as the excess weight that your legs carry from your baby bump. In this article we give you some tips to improve your tired legs during pregnancy.

Tired legs during pregnancy: how to feel better?

Thankfully, with the help of doctors, physiotherapists, engineers, and let’s not forget the magic that is 21st century technology, we were able to create various products that specifically target this issue.

1. Deep-Tissue Massage For Tired Legs

Tired legs during pregnancy

With the help of our Glo910+ handheld massage device and our Cellu-Detox treatment head, massaging the desired area for 15 minutes a day will help you see a difference in how much more relaxed your body feels. Learn more about our cellulite massage machine.

When our device and our Cellu-Detox treatment head are combined with lotions or serums, results are multiplied! For example, when you use our device with this specific treatment head plus our Serum910, not only will you be receiving a deep-tissue massage that activates your lymphatic system, as well as drainage of any liquids, you will also be achieving a more toned look and lighter feeling in your legs.

No longer will you need to cancel your plans for your whole day, if not half, and no longer will you need to spend thousands of dollars on fancy spas. Instead, in just the comfort of your own home, you will be able to get the same subdermal massage that you can get at a professional spa!

2. Cryo Massage

If you’re a sports person, you most likely have seen your favorite sports player use some form of cryotherapy. Most commonly, ice baths and cryo chambers. But don’t worry, we won’t have you dump your body in ice cold water or stand in a freezing chamber with just your underwear. Instead, we give you our Cool Legs: Cryotherapy Massage Head*.

When used the Cool Legs head with our Glo910 massage device, not only are you achieving a deep-tissue massage, but you’re also receiving the great benefits that come with cryotherapy:

• Pain Relief
• Muscle Healing
• Improvement of tired, heavy, and swollen legs
• Reduced Inflammation

*Sold separately

Tired legs during pregnancy

3. Exercise

Staying active is extremely important for your body so it can expel any excess energy stored inside it so you can sleep better and be more relaxed, as well as a great method for training your lungs and heart to work better. Now, while the benefits of exercising that were just mentioned are great in general, exercise is also a great way of preparing your body for labor, as well as increasing circulation to those areas that are feeling a bit too tired, over swollen, and filled with excess liquid.

Heavy legs during pregnancy

Some great ideas that you can do for exercise are:

• Walking
• Yoga
• Swimming

Note: Remember, while being active during your pregnancy is extremely important, you must also take it easy. You shouldn’t be doing any strenuous activity as you can be putting yourself and your baby in danger. That is why we recommended easy and lighter activities as examples of exercises that you can do at home.

Improve heavy legs during pregnancy

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