Can You Use a Kneading Massage Device While Pregnant?

Can You Use a Kneading Massage Device While Pregnant?

Massages are an amazing go-to for helping relieve any discomfort or pain, but due to the drastic changes that a woman’s body goes through throughout pregnancy, a massage is an amazing option that all pregnant women should partake in so that they can remove any discomfort from their body and instead focus more on the beauty that is pregnancy and the welcoming of a child into their life.

When it comes to massages, it is very common for women to seek it from two things.

1. A massage from their partner
2. A massage from a masseuse at a spa

Now, although a message from your partner is great way to be intimate with them, and a massage at a spa is great because of how pampered you feel when you leave, neither of these common options are available to everyone.

Here’s why:

A massage from your partner is not a massage from a professional. Due to your partner’s lack of understanding and experience in massages, they won’t know how to properly take care of your pregnant body and they won’t always hit the right spots that you’re looking to get some relief from.

A massage at a spa is not attainable for everyone due to either their financial background or busy schedules.


So, what should I do?

Great question!

At Glo, we recommend that you invest in a kneading massage device. They are great for many reasons, but most importantly, they’re amazing because they allow you to achieve the same professional massage you would receive at a spa, all in the comfort of your own home and on your own time without needing to block off all the hours in your day. They’re also amazing because of how much money you’re able to save in the long run!

Before we continue, it is important to understand that while massages are great during your pregnancy, it is important to always talk to your doctor before using a massage device seeing as everyone’s body and pregnancy are different and must require different attention depending on your health.


Where Can I Buy One?

You’re in luck! After three years of hard work by working alongside doctors, physiotherapists, and engineers, we created Glo910+, a hand-held massage device that not only helps to target aesthetic and physical issues that can appear during pregnancy, like cellulite and localized fat, but can also help you relieve any swollen legs or sore muscles.

When you purchase our Glo910+ device you will receive 4 different kinds of treatment heads that will help you with targeting all different kinds of skin and body issues.

Cellu-Detox Head

When using this head on your device, you will be stimulating lymphatic drainage while also helping you reduce the appearance of painful cellulite as well as saggy arms and thighs.

Seeing as water retention is quite common during pregnancy, especially in areas like your legs and feet, our cellu-detox head can be used on areas like your legs and feet to help with the drainage of liquids. Furthermore, this head is especially great when used with our creams and oils.


Body Brush Head

Our brush head will help you with stimulating your circulation, toning, exfoliating, smoothing, and revitalizing your skin! By using soft, fine, and flexible bristles from natural fibers, you will be removing any dead skin cells and impurities on your skin, thus leaving a vibrant and healthy skin that you can finally enjoy and love.

Soft-Massage Head

Designed to treat the softest and most delicate parts of your anatomy, the head of small cylinders of soft foam and flat surface, acts effectively on the muscle groups by relaxing them. It not only relieves contractures and muscle pain, but also allows you to enjoy great well-being by providing a gentle relaxing massage on any part of the body.

You will also be happy to know that this head will help you with draining any excess liquid from your body, as well as relieving bruxism pain, leg discomfort and varicose veins.


Cellu-Active Head

Lastly, his head will help you with releasing any fatty accumulation as well as smoothing the appearance of any cellulite. By using a kneading technique with a draining effect, you will help your body to aid in breaking fat and tone any muscles.