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Why Men Don't Have Cellulite?

It's a genetic question, and we're here to provide you with answers. Why men don't have cellulite? All details in this post.

We get what you feel. It seems pretty unfair for women to have cellulite while men don't have the trouble, to begin with. But you have to know that this has something to do with genetics and there's really nothing that we can do. Our body has been programmed like this.

It's kind of funny, but we haven't had that many years of evolution since the first prehistoric women. During those times, women experienced long periods of deprivation, and this has made the body accumulate fat as a survival method, especially that women played an important role in the survival of mankind. If women were unable to bear children and raise them, in no time, our species would become extinct. Women were expected to have reserves to feed the growing fetus in their womb during pregnancy and provide milk for their nursing babies.

This has been the role of women for generations and the body has adapted accordingly.

Why Men Don't Have Cellulite?

Today, a woman's role may have changed and we are not anymore expected to just bear and raise kids, however, while our social standing has changed over the years, our body has genetically continued to accumulate fats. And that is why, cellulite is not just a problem of overweight women, but women of all shapes and sizes.

And so, why do men don't have to suffer from cellulite? Well, they don't have to get pregnant or even breastfeed babies (although there are cases of men with excess estrogen that suffer from cellulite as well, this is a rare case). But aside from that, we also have to consider that even the shape of the subcutaneous fat of men and women is totally different.

What makes men's skin so different from women's?

Let's take a look at a woman's skin first. Accordingly, the subcutaneous fat layer of a woman is organized in vertical chambers, and these allow more fat to be accumulated under the skin. While in the case of men, their subcutaneous fat layer is organized into small and diagonal units, and this of course limits fat accumulate and does not allow cellulite to form.

why do women have cellulite and men dont

How is cellulite formed in women?

  • Fat cells swell
  • The capillary walls get excessively permeable causing localized fluid accumulation
  • Insufficient lymphatic drainage slows down the rate of removable excess fluid (toxin retention)
  • Fat cells clump together and are bound by collagen fibers, preventing blood fluid
  • The connective tissue fibers stiffen and contract, and pull down.
why men dont have cellulite

Once your cellulite has started, it will become like a vicious cycle – getting worse and degenerating. And no, exercising and dieting won't eliminate them, you have to break the fat cells and mobilize the toxins retained in the skin for you to rejuvenate your smooth and supple skin. But you don’t have to worry for long because we’ve got the perfect solution for this.

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