Darnell Cox: Learn from Live Young Lifestyle's Founder

Darnell Cox: Learn from Live Young Lifestyle's Founder

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At the age of 50, you'd be surprised to know that Darnell Cox is unstoppable and brimming of zest and energy. Inspiring all women across the globe with her skin care regimen and holistic nutrition approach, she created the Live Young Life to reach more audience and share her tips and secrets towards a happy, fit, and beautiful life.
We, at Glo International, who are always on the lookout for empowered woman who are thriving and serving as an inspiration for many to change and become better and more confident with themselves. We've partnered with Darnell, and she shared with us a glimpse of her life, her views, and her beauty routines.
Glo: “As an empowered woman, why do you think it is important for us to take good care of our skin and body, in general?”
Darnell: As an empowered woman, it's really important for us to feel good about our body and our skin. You know, our skin and the way that we look on the outside is very much tied to how we feel about ourselves on the inside. And any woman who's ever had a good hair day knows what I'm talking about, you know when you have a good hair day, you wanna get out there in the world, you wanna run into your ex-boyfriends, you wanna have lunch with girlfriends. How you feel about yourself on the outside really is a big part of how we feel on the inside so when we put that crown strategically on our head when we are about to walk out that door and we look back and we see a little of cellulite, it kinda makes a tilt in our crown. You know, so taking care of your body and our skin is very important.
Glo: “When it comes to choosing beauty products, what are the things that you usually check?”

Darnell: When it comes to choosing beauty products, what I personally look for are results, so I wanna know what are the ingredients, do they have before and after photos, and what is the science behind it, there are so many companies that give us false hope and broken promises by their marketing campaigns. So I want a product that really works and I wanna understand why it works.

Glo: “How was your experience with our Glo products?”

Darnell: I am obsessed with the Glo910+, I mean I use it probably almost daily actually, uhm, I love the dry brushing attachment, I love the cool legs, uhm, every time I put on a pair of shorts or I know that I'm going to slip into a bathing suit, its Glo pro 910+ prior to me putting that bathing suit on. I mean its become really a part of my life.
Glo: “What do you think was the best thing about trying Glo?”

Darnell: I think the best thing about trying the Glo products was it gave me a little bit more confidence. You know I'm a 52-year-old woman and 90% of women out there have cellulite. And this product really works to help minimize that. I feel a little bit lighter, my legs feel like they're lymphatically drained. Uhm the cellulite has been reduced. It's really given me a lot of confidence.

Glo: “What was the result that our products gave you?”

Darnell: “The results of using the Glo 910+ has been remarkable, I mean I can noticeably tell a difference and my cottage cheese thighs, my legs seem a little bit slimmer, a little bit more defined, they're not as puffy and I feel lighter, yea I have amazing results with this product.”

Just like Darnell, Glo International is dedicated to uplift women's confidence and encourage them to become a better version of themselves. Try our products and get to become more like Darnell Cox – confident, empowered, and living young!