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Using your Glo910 is probably already a regular part of your anti-cellulite routine and we're sure you'll be thrilled to see your cellulite stay at bay. But, we'd like to make your body care routine even more enjoyable and effective. That's why we've developed Oil 910: A way to pamper yourself that enhances the slimming effects of lipomassage with Glo910.

We developed Oil 910 based on ancient Ayurvedic principles. Using the best essential oils we could find to improve the silhouette. Oils are an important part of Ayurvedic medicine and are used internally and externally with various therapeutic benefits.

In Ayurveda, oil moisturizes and soothes the body and its senses. The Sanskrit word for oil is "sneha", but it also has another meaning. Sneha can also mean "love" and has an important place in Ayurveda. So, with oil, you nourish your body, giving it love.

Oil 910 is designed for you to enjoy a moisturizing and reducing body treatment that will leave your skin soft and hydrated.

Not only that, but the oil also has many therapeutic benefits:

  • It helps reduce cellulite and burn fat.
  • Using Oil 910 regularly can help you shape your body and lose inches.
  • It is also excellent for improving circulation, helping to eliminate toxins, and firming and smoothing your skin.

While Oil 910 offers all these benefits for the skin and body, it also helps relax the mind with its blend of aromatherapy oils. It is composed of exquisite essential oils, designed to bring you a sense of vitality, serenity, and harmony:

  • Wild Orange 4%
  • Grapefruit 4%.
  • Lemon 4% 
  • Mandarin 4% 
  • Eucalyptus 4% 
  • Rose geranium 4%

The texture of Oil 910 is very pleasant; it melts into the skin without a greasy feeling and absorbs quickly, leaving no trace on clothes. While applying Oil 910 on your skin, you will enjoy the soft, natural scent of its essential oils and its benefits on your skin.

25% of this natural oil are essential oils of high anti-cellulite and reducing power on a nourishing and regenerating base are its natural botanical oils (apricot, grape, macadamia, and sunflower).

Innovation: ZINGERSLIM ® biotech ingredient with powerful fat burning action.

To make Oil 910 even more amazing, we've added a biotech ingredient with a potent fat-burning action. Derived from a Hawaiian variety of ginger (Zingiber Zerumbet extract), it helps eliminate fat, reduces tissue inflammation, and stops cellulite formation. In addition, it is a great cell regenerator, to beautify the skin and reduce skin sagging.

It is ideal for the abdominal area, hips, buttocks, thighs, and ankles .... After using this super ingredient for two months, 79% of women experienced a reduction in the thickness of their legs, and in the thickness of their adipose tissue*

In addition, it acts on the extracellular matrix of the fat cells and its lipolysis. On the one hand, it prevents the adipocyte from getting fat, and it prevents its outer wall from becoming hard and forming the nodule**.

How to enjoy Oil 910

  • Apply Oil 910 before exercising or routinely with Glo910, to enhance its liporeducing effect.
  • To increase the toxin-draining effects, use Glo910's Cellu-Detox massage head or Cool Legs cryomassage. This will help the oil penetrate deeper, helping it work even harder.

There are already women who have discovered how Oil 910 beautifies their bodies; among them is actress Paula Echevarria, for whom Oil 910 has been a great discovery and who has joined her routine with Glo910.

"Oil 910 by GLO is a body oil that smells great and is ideal after the massage with the Glo 910 lipomassager. It nourishes the skin and has draining and fat-burning effects, thanks to the Hawaiian ginger extract. Its essential oils have an aroma as pleasant and natural as its own formula, completely organic. It is a pleasure to apply it immediately after the shower with the skin still slightly damp. It helps you feel better first thing in the morning and wakes up your whole body a bit, as well as leaves your skin satiny and without a trace of grease. I take the opportunity to massage from the feet upwards. Sometimes, I apply it at night for its draining and anticellulite effects. It relieves tired legs after one of those non-stop days. You can find it at"

Make Oil 910 part of your daily routine, especially if you are using Glo910, as the two work together to enhance the effects of your anti-cellulite routine. We have measured the effects of using Glo910 and Oil 910 synergistically, and the results are spectacular.

Take a few minutes to enjoy the wonderful aromas of Oil910, as well as the pleasure of an oil massage. After showering in the morning and before going to bed, so that it works at night while you sleeping. Massage Oil 910 on any area where fat or cellulite is present (arms, hips, abdomen, buttocks, thighs, ankles). Apply an intense massage, in circles, similar to the massage you do with Glo910.

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* Tested by 24 female volunteers, with an average age of 40 years (26-52 years), who applied a cream with the active ingredient derived from Zingiber Zerumbet (ZingerSlim 3%), twice a day for 2 months.

** Prueba in vitro