Hot Stone Massage While Pregnant: Can You Get It?

Hot Stone Massage While Pregnant: Can You Get It?

Hot stone massage is one of the most popular message therapies nowadays. By placing heated stones on designated parts of the body—usually pressure points—and sometimes accompanied with hand massaging techniques like stroking, tapping, and kneading, the therapist heals the body and relaxes the mind

Like other massage types, there are abundant evidence on its benefits. Typically, one session of massage done right has the magic of easing muscle tension, increasing blood flow, reducing stress and anxiety, even improving sleeping quality at night, which are all very welcomed for pregnant women. Can you get a hot stone massage while pregnant?

Hot stone massage while pregnant

Can you get hot stone massage while pregnant?

But getting a hot stone massage can be complicated for a pregnant body. Since typically it requires one to lie flat on the back or stomach, this means it can only be performed during the early stage of pregnancy. Later as the fetus grows, it will become unsuitable for the mom to remain in such positions for a long time: being on her stomach will pressure on the baby, and lying on her back, due to the weight of the belly, could possibly even cut off blood circulation that puts both lives in danger. Sometimes, a special massage table, which has a cutout hole in the middle for the belly, would be used. But we would not recommend this either, because even with a supporting net, the hanging belly might still not get the right and enough support. As a matter of fact, massage clinics oftentimes decline to treat pregnant women with hot stones out of these concerns. But even if one does, you should still only get it at the beginning stage and only do so after communicating with your doctor and getting his or her approval.

Don’t feel dispirited even if you have gone beyond that stage of pregnancy when you can safely enjoy a hot stone massage. There are alternatives! For one, Glo910+ can do no less. This award-winning massager is developed after two-year’s careful research and countless trails on different body types. It is very pregnant-body friendly. You can control the treatment intensity levels so that it can be gentle enough. The four different treatment heads also range differently in their roughness and how deep the impact penetrates when in motion. Common prenatal discomforts, for example back pain, sore muscles, swollen hands and feet, can all be treated with ease using Glo910+. 

Hot stone massage during pregnancy

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