Does Insurance Cover Prenatal Massage? (Alternatives if don’t)

Does Insurance Cover Prenatal Massage? (Alternatives if don’t)

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Being pregnancy is no easy work. Stress and nervousness can lead to insomnia and tensed muscles, and other physical discomforts such as headache, joint pain, cramping, sciatica pain, swelling in lower legs and feet are nearly experienced by all expecting moms at some point. For those that hesitate or cannot take medications for these unpleasant symptoms, a massage would be the best alternative.

Much research has demonstrated a multitude of benefits, both physically and mentally, brought by massages. It can reduce stress, relax muscles, alleviate physical pain, improve blood flow and improve efficiency of the lymphatic system, hence reduce swelling in lower extremity. For prenatal women, a massage done right can not only ease the nerves and lighten the legs, also possibly help to reduce labor time later. 

Although some SPAs might decline performing massages on pregnant ladies during their first trimester, this does not mean it’s unsafe. Indeed, as long as the doctor approves it, you shouldn’t be too worried about getting massaged at any time during your pregnancy. Also know that, under the IRS guidelines, prenatal massage can be qualified for HSA or FSA spending should your doctor prescribe it. As for whether and how much it will cost, it depends on where you reside and your personal insurance policies. In general, you may start checking your eligibility for insured prenatal massages by calling your insurance company to ask if your plan allows for out-of-network benefits and whether a doctor’s prescription or referral results in coverage. Also remember to ask if there are any exceptions. Then talk to the doctor and, if deemed necessary, schedule your therapy session and have the doctor send the referral directly to your insurance company. 

What to do if your insurance does not cover prenatal massage?

You might go through a chiropractor’s office, where there might be a massage therapist, and those sessions can be insured. In other cases, your health insurance might cover for a certain amount for any type of massage and pay up to a limit yearly. Talk to both your healthcare provider and your insurance company to see what would work best for you. If you don’t have an insurance plan that covers prenatal messages, or you are not happy with what the physician recommended, it is also not the end of the world. Glo has the perfect solution for you!

Our Glo910 is a multi-functional body-care device that gives SPA-like massages. It is incredibly adaptable and easy to use. With different treatment heads, you can massage those swollen legs and lower back on your own, and have your partner help you with hard-to-reach areas such as the upper back and shoulders.  

To treat sore muscles, you can use either Cellu-Detox, Cellu-Active, or Soft-Massage. Turn the intensity level to low and gently massage through the areas while avoiding the belly. On our new site dedicated to expectant moms, you may find detailed video demonstrations on how to use the device for different purposes. 

If you especially suffer from edema, you can apply Serum910 on your legs before massaging them with Cool-Legs. Serum910 is a cooling serum designed for reviving heavy legs. Its advanced niosome technology encapsulates the active ingredients and releases them in deeper skin layers, which brings instant relaxation.