Are cellulite massages effective?

Are cellulite massages effective?

As we all know, cellulite is an aesthetic issue usually associated with women, and even women who take great care of their bodies, such as actresses and models, have cellulite. But the fact that it is a widespread problem does not mean that there are not many things that can be done to combat it or, at least, to keep it at bay and not let it grow out of control. It is crucial to take care of yourself, and not to abandon yourself so that cellulite does not take over, since it is a progressive process, it will inevitably increase.

More than 90% of women suffer from cellulite at some point in their lives, and you can be slim and young and still have cellulite. Cellulite is not directly associated with weight; rather, it is related to fluid retention in certain areas of the body.

Although cellulite attacks mercilessly, we have a few tools to deal with it. First of all, you have to know your enemy well to know how to attack it!

Shall we start?

Cellulite can appear from the very moment the body begins to develop; that is, in many cases at puberty, cellulite begins to form when estrogen levels increase.

Cellulite, can be treated as soon as it appears. Starting by taking care of your diet and doing some physical activity that tones the legs (such as squats), increases oxygenation and blood circulation. You can start using some anti-cellulite cosmetics, normally, those that help us not to retain liquids are the most appropriate, since this is the cause that originates the formation of cellulite. It can also be combined with a specialized nutricosmetic

Some remedies can help your body fight cellulite and make you feel more comfortable with your body, which is what it's all about, as well as not giving up and gaining self-esteem and confidence.

Cellulite is a complex process that tends to return, so it is very important to be constant in order to reduce its presence.

Does cellulite improve with massage?

Massages help (and a lot). Both those that are done in the cabin and those that we must carry out at home. It is crucial to perform a massage once a day to improve circulation and reduce retention.

Dry brushing, ideally before showering, helps improve blood circulation. This action reactivates skin cells and prevents oil from being deposited under the skin. This massage should be applied using a natural bristle brush on dry skin and massaged with circular and upward movements to promote lymphatic flow.

On the other hand, it will also do you good to do a self-massage at night to promote venous return and the reabsorption of liquids accumulated during the day in the tissues of our body.

5 techniques that demonstrate that massages are effective for cellulite 

Kneading massage 

It involves a combination of alternating squeezing and lifting-like kneading dough. Fingers are used in delicate areas such as the arms, knees, and inner calves, while the thighs, stomach, hips, and buttocks are done by hand.

Anti-cellulite kneading massage is one of the most effective methods. This massage is complex to give yourself; it is usually necessary to go to a qualified professional, but it is usually unfeasible for most women to be able to go to a center every day.

For this, devices have been developed for use at home that are capable of reproducing the massage even by inexperienced hands, as they are designed to perform hard work. 

Twisting massage

A twisting motion is used - the same motion we do when we wring a wet towel but grabbing pieces of skin instead. This is an effective method for flabbier areas such as the buttocks, hips, and thighs.

Knuckle massage

Fists can be great tools for flattening the lumps and bumps caused by cellulite. Knuckles are used to tap and break up stubborn fat deposits that are fixed under the skin, causing them to dissolve faster and be eliminated by your metabolic system.

Cellulite brushing technique

Instead of using hands, this popular massage uses a special brush that stimulates blood circulation in areas where cellulite has appeared. It consists of firm bristles that stimulate blood flow and release the blocked vessels.

All these techniques can be applied using the best anti-cellulite device on the market, Glo910.

Some factors that you may not have known about that favor cellulite 

1. Wearing too-tight pants favors the appearance of cellulite. Very tight pants, skinny jeans, can cause the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite because wearing these types of pants prevents a proper elimination of excess toxins in your body. Wearing less tight pants will help you in your fight against cellulite.

2. Something as simple as walking helps you regulate cellulite. Walking helps regulate cellulite, as it improves circulation. It is not about going to the gym every day (although if you do it, better), but going up and down stairs or walking at a good pace for at least half an hour a day (better if it is 1 hour).

3. The formula that works best is one that combines sport, good nutrition, and aesthetic treatments both in the beauty salon and at home, as well as drinking enough water a day, with consistency.

4. Localized fat and cellulite do not require the same treatment; they are not the same and are often confused. Cellulite is a deformation of tissues (dimpling, cushioned skin, etc.), whereas localized fat is dominated by volume and liquids.

5. Nutricosmetics can be of great help. They complement the diet and help us from the inside, where we cannot reach with food or exercise. For example, collagen helps to control tissue flexibility and elasticity, and pure green tea extract is a natural thermogenic agent that helps burn fat... Ideally, they should be natural, without artificial additives (such as aerosils), preservatives, or sweeteners. They must be respectful of nature and our bodies. Their effect is usually noticed in the medium-to-long-term, but they are a good help to complete our treatment. 

Now that you know a little about how to take care of yourself, are you ready to start, or are you already doing it?