Pack "Sculpt910×2"
Pack "Sculpt910×2"
Pack "Sculpt910×2"
Pack "Sculpt910×2"
Pack "Sculpt910×2"
Pack "Sculpt910×2"

Pack "Sculpt910×2"

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Reduce volume and localized fat naturally with the Body Sculptor Pack. With an innovative combination of anti-cellulite natural ingredients and the most advanced cosmetic technology.

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You will fall in love with the super powerful anti-cellulite cream, designed to help you reduce the appearance of orange peel skin as well as to help reduce stubborn fat on your thighs, belly, knees or arms.

A pack created to smooths the orange peel skin and sculpted firm legs, while acting positively on the senses and emotions, working on love and respect for your body.

Now at a discounted price when you buy two!


Sculpt910×2: Biotechnological cream helps to smooth out orange peel skin by more than 30% in 28 days, thanks to a formula of supercharged anti-cellulite ingredients. With the help of molecular science, which encapsulates the active ingredients and releases them gradually into the deeper skin layers.

Discover the triple effect: firming, fat-burning, and reducing fluid retention. Easy application, light and silky texture, ideal for daytime use.

200 ml x 2


Glo recommends the following body routine, together with a balanced diet and an active lifestyle.

Apply Sculpt910 cream every morning and every night before you go to sleep. Massage upwards with circular movements on the thighs, buttocks and abdomen. Its special formulation with nano-encapsulation technology allows high penetration and efficacy with manual application.

Glo donates to Daughters Rising NGO to help combat the heartbreaking status quo of on-going sex trafficking in Chiang Mai, Thailand, giving the Karen girls there an opportunity to rewrite their future through an education program.

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