Glo Body Brush
Glo Body Brush
Glo Body Brush
Glo Body Brush

Glo Body Brush

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Stimulates circulation, tones, exfoliates, smooths and revitalizes the skin. The latest innovation to help you to achieve skin that radiates health!

A one of a kind exfoliation head, made of soft, fine and flexible bristles from natural fiber, which exert a certain pressure on the body, dragging dead cells and impurities until healthy skin emerges to the surface. The skin thus recovers its youthful, radiant and luminous tone. Combined with the massage exerted by the Glo910 motor, the exfoliation is carried out in less time and without effort.

Blow drying tones the body, activates the lymphatic system and blood circulation, relaxes, detoxifies and increases the effectiveness of anti-cellulite treatment. The body scrub removes dead skin and even small pimples and skin blemishes disappear, greatly improving the appearance of the skin, which looks smooth and radiant.

In addition, this treatment leaves the skin with the perfect base to apply moisturizing or tanning creams, helping these products achieve the perfect finish that every woman desires.

General recommendations for use:

1. Dry use.

2. Ideal to do this treatment once or twice a week, before sleeping or before the bath / shower.

3. Areas where you have cellulite: frequent and energetic brushing.

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