Glo910 How To Use


Glo910 Anticelluite Massage Machine

Choose the massage head. Turn on and change the intensity of the treatment based on your preference.

Glo910 Cellulite

Slowly slide it to the skin, hold the massager firmly. DO NOT TIGHTEN AGAINST SKIN.

Glo910 Massage Machine

Approximate time per treatment is 20 min

Glo910 Massage Machine

Massage the area with a Cellu-Active head at medium speed. Use on dry skin.

Glo910 Massage Machine

Increase the intensity and focus on the areas with cellulite. Slide from bottom to top.

Glo910 Anticellulite machine

Change the head to Cellu-Detox head, to finish the massage by draining. It can be used with or without creams.



Leg Cellulite Massager

Glo910 instructions manual
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