Beauty Shortlist Awards 2022

Beauty Shortlist Awards 2022


Glo Awarded in the Prestigious Natural and Professional Cosmetics Beauty Shortlist Awards

We are very excited and proud to have been awarded with our certified natural products in the most recognized awards for natural cosmetics worldwide. Winners include products from the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Scandinavia and Asia.

What is the origin of the Beauty Shortlist Awards?

The Beauty Shorlists Awards celebrate their twelfth anniversary in 2022. They were created by beauty journalist and natural and eco-friendly lifestyle advocate Fiona Klonarides. They went global in 2017, with entrants from more than 39 countries.

These awards are widely recognized for their fairness, transparency and ethical approach and are closely followed by consumers, as well as industry experts, journalists, public relations, brands, retailers, beauty centers, and other professionals in the cosmetics sector, especially natural cosmetics. One of the strengths we liked is that the awards offer a faire play for all brands, from large multinationals to the smallest.

It is important to remark that these awards are 100% independent, 100% ads-free. There are no sponsors as they are not linked to any organization or brand. The selection of the best products worldwide is made by a team of experts in London, New York and Sydney, who have a lot of experience in natural cosmetics, both in retail products and in professional sector.




Glo 910+ is the first of its kind. A handy device that treats cellulite and localized fat effectively without the use of intensive and invasive devices. includes 4 different kinds of treatment heads that cater to different kinds of skin and body issues such as orange peel skin, localized fat (gut, holsters, and love handles), swollen legs, and muscle pain.


A natural anti-cellulite and firming oil, formulated to reduce localized fat, sagging, and even orange peel. Ideal to use on abdominal area and legs for smooth and healthy, cellulite-free skin. 100% made from oil formulation, without water. It combines together 6 essential oils, all with an anti-cellulite and fat-burning effect; enhanced with an innovative bio-tech active ingredient.


Take care of your legs at the end of the day by relieving the feeling of heaviness and accumulated tiredness with this ultra-concentrated serum that provides revitalizing and decongesting action.

This biotechnological cosmeceutical in serum format boosts the botanical ingredients, extracted from plants, such as troxerutin, with the help of molecular science. Nano-encapsulation technology allows a progressive release of its active compounds, which penetrate to the deepest layers of the stratum corneum, ensuring their effectiveness.