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Tips for Not Gaining Weight During Quarantine

We are currently facing a crisis that we have never experienced before  a worldwide pandemic that stopped the usual rhythm of people and the economy. This article gives you helpful tips and practical advice about staying mentally alert, physically fit, healthy, and safe.  
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We are currently facing a crisis that we have never experienced before - a worldwide pandemic that stopped the usual rhythm of people and the economy. And now that we are realizing the immensity of COVID-19, the first and the most thing that we can do is to flatten the curve and stop spreading the virus by fulfilling the quarantine. As the entire world tries to show solidarity by staying home, we should also follow it and help put an end to this health crisis.

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This government-imposed quarantine will last for several weeks without leaving home more than what is strictly necessary. And by simply following this already shows how great of a person you are, thank you for being helpful. But, here's the catch, when you are locked down at home for 15 days or more, boredom could strike. And guess what, boredom has been shown to cause compulsive food intake and "pecking between meals."

Experts have calculated that during the quarantine period we will gain between 3-5 extra kilos. But have no worries. We have created a comprehensive list of tips to keep the extra pounds away while we are on quarantine. And by the way, if you have Glo910 at home , you finally have the time you deserve to fully maximize its benefits and improve your figure.

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The Main Objective: STAY AT HOME We must be realistic with our objective, it shouldn't be losing weight because it can fail. Our ultimate goal should be to stay at home and not gain those 3-5 Kilos that most are likely to add during the quarantine.


• When it comes to buying supply at the grocery, avoid the temptations for pastries, chocolate, and other high-calorie food that we can live without. Choose healthy vegetables, food, and fruits instead to strengthen your immune system and improve your health.This will also ensure that the temptation to over-indulge is as few as possible.

•  The 80-20 rule. While you have to eat healthy food all the time, you can give yourself a little treat every now and then. The ratio should be 80:20 for healthy foods [80%] and foods that you crave more [20%]. Eating healthy is important in fighting any diseases, including the coronavirus. The vitamin C present in many fruits and vegetables is vital for your defenses, so it's good to eat an apple or make yourself a grapefruit juice, a green smoothie, and even Glo's Day or Night Tea [28 Night Relaxing Program], which is known to be a satiety infusion.

We must avoid falling into the all-or-nothing temptation. We can open a whole tablet of chocolate but eat in moderation.

• Try to follow some guidelines with 5 well-defined and healthy meals a day.

Take advantage if you have time, and cook steamed meals, since this way they will keep all their nutrients. It is ideal to take advantage of the available time you have and learn to cook healthy recipes. Have you tried making the recipes that we share every week on social networks? Put on music you like, and cook with joy! 

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Keep Moving!

Another thing to remind yourself is to keep moving and continue exercising during the quarantine period to maintain your weight . But did you know that exercising can also keep your mind stress-free and clear while staying at home? Take the time to do your exercise daily. You can check tutorial videos on YouTube or download fitness apps to guide you on your routine. You can also check gyms that offer online classes and enroll in one.

Move around the house! Avoid spending too much time on the sofa or sitting at the table after eating.It's the perfect time to get started doing things such as organizing your stuff or cleaning the entire house.

If you can do sports for 1 hour a day, you will feel much better and it will help you to keep the kilos at bay.

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Stick to Your Glo910 

Now's the best time to pamper yourself and use your Glo910. Our massage will help you:

1. Relax. Glo can help you reduce your stress level and dedicate some time of the day to an occupation that takes care of you.

2. Disconnect your mind and enjoy the massage.

3. Mobilize the blood and lymphatic circulation, which is affected by the lack of mobility.

4. Deflate the body and legs.

5. Work on your muscles with deep massage.

6. Activate the elimination of accumulated fat and toxins, so that they do not accumulate in your body.

If you have the premium model, Glo910 + , take advantage of doing these beauty and wellness sessions: 

1. Exfoliate your body in just 10 minutes and you will see a professional result.

2. If you haven't discovered the applications of the Soft-massage Foam Head yet, you should give it a go now! Enjoy a pleasant gentle massage [at minimum speed] on the face [previously removed], neck, cleavage, hands.This will gently exfoliate and relax the muscles.

And if you have a swimming cap at home, put it on, and run the massager head over your head and neck - it's a guaranteed relaxing and pleasant feeling.

 Enjoy your leisure time at home with your Glo products!

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Learn How to Manage Meals at Home

As mentioned earlier, being at home a long time is a good opportunity to eat healthily and be in control of what you eat and how it is cooked. Here are a few aspects to consider during home quarantine:

- Drink enough water throughout the day, better between meals. Also, always have water nearby to drink when we are thirsty. If you have Glo's herbal teas, take advantage and drink them between meals, since they recommend drinking hot water, thus reducing food consumption as it has a satiating effect. In addition, they have properties that will help you not gain weight.

- Eliminate sugar from coffee or drink digestive drinks [tea or infusions].

It is essential to always try to start with a light starter such as a bowl of vegetable soup or salad, which will satisfy us yet contains few calories only.

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- Do not skip any food, if we make 5 small meals a day we can avoid snacking between meals.

- Moderate and minimize the consumption of processed foods such as pizzas, pre-cooked or ice cream. In the event that we have a craving, it is better to opt for a healthy option, such as making a homemade pizza or eating chocolate as pure as possible [70%, 80% or 90%].

- Try to eat fruit between meals, instead of cookies and salty snacks, because you can! You will feel better if you start doing this, and that will cheer you up.

Food Tips to Take Care of Yourself During a Quarantine

- Eating in a small plate is a trick to control the quantities. We can eat everything but in small quantities.

- Eat foods but don't overindulge. The anxiety peaks are transient, therefore, it is advisable to be distracted at that time and not focus your attention on the food.

- Eat little by little and chew well. This way better digestion is achieved and it helps to control the consumption. Savor the food and take another bite only after you've chewed your food well.

- Avoid drinking alcohol or carbonated drinks. This won't just help keep the extra kilos at bay, but it will also keep your liver and kidney health. You only have one body, and you must take care of it inside and out.

- We Strongly Suggest All Over Again! No to sugary drinks! A 330 ml can contain about 140 Kcal and does not provide any nutrients to the body.  

- Try to avoid snacking since you will add a large number of calories without realizing it.

- Leave the bread aside, it's something that we can live without to avoid getting those extra kilos. If you eat bread, try to get the best, for example, sourdough, no-bread, or half-baked bread as they are all fat.

- Vegetables and fruits must also be present during this quarantine days, but not mixed. Each must be eaten alone except apples, which is a flexible fruit and that can even be mixed with salads. The best foods do not have to be high in calories.

- Don't skip meals, you will only get super hungry and will end eating more during the next meal.

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We hope we've encouraged you today to stay healthy and to stay at home. Take advantage of this time by taking care of yourself and to not stop using your Glo910. Our Customer Support will continue working from home, so if you have any questions and suggestions, you can absolutely contact us.