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Stay Fit And Healthy This Holiday Season

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December is a busy month for holidays and social events, many of which tempt us to overdrink and overeat, breaking our good habits, and leaving us feeling unhealthy and unhappy, come January. We all want to enjoy the holidays and allow ourselves some treats, and if we’re careful we can manage to enjoy ourselves without feeling bad afterwards.

Drinking mindfully

We all want to enjoy a glass or two of mulled wine or a delicious holiday cocktail, but as we all know, too many drinks can leave us feeling awful the next day.  In Rosamund Dean’s book “Mindful Drinking: How Cutting Down Can Change Your Life” *, she talks about how being more mindful and specific in our drinking can help us enjoy ourselves while not overindulging.  She recommends setting yourself clear and specific goals; for example, to only drink three nights a week, to never to mix drinks, or to only have a specific number of drinks in one night.  Another good idea is to alternate a soft drink or water with every alcoholic drink you have. This will help keep you hydrated, while giving you something to sip on.

Keeping up good habits

With all the social events and preparation for meals and parties it can be easy to let our exercise routine slide, losing the healthy habits we’ve spent all year building up.  It’s important not to give up on your exercise routine, although you may need to adapt it for the holiday season.  If you’re going out in the evenings, try and do a quick workout in the morning or lunchtime, and if you’ve got a busy day visiting friends and family you can probably fit in a quick session before or after dinner.

Taking care of our legs

The holiday season is a busy time for walking round the shops, buying food or gifts, or checking out the sales.  But after a long day walking round the stores your legs will probably be tired, heavy, aching and swollen.  To help relieve this, and ensure you’re ready for a night of partying, why not try using the Glo Cool Legs Massage, which uses a special cool gel and a deep massage to help your legs feel lighter, fresher and more active.

Staying alert and lively

Over the holidays there are lots of social events, sometimes several in one day, and we all want to enjoy them and be good company, but it can get rather tiring.  This is where a nap can really help.  You may not have tried napping since you were a child, but it can help you feel more alert and ready for the rest of the day.  And with the latest trend of coffee naps** you get to enjoy a great cup of coffee and then feel even more alert and active afterwards.

Here’s to a happy, healthy and fun holiday season!