Infrared Light and Skin

Infrared light and your skin

We’ve all been told to stay out of the sun to keep our skin healthy and youthful but what if one component of sunlight could be beneficial for our skin.  That’s where infrared light, otherwise known as IR or red light, comes in.  While the safety of the sun’s IR light is under debate, manmade forms of IR are used in many cosmetic and health treatments and have been shown to be safe, and even repair sun damage (1).


IR is not only safe but has also been shown to be very effective in producing collagen and elastin, reducing inflammation and even promoting cell repair.  It’s now used by dermatologists and other skin care professionals to treat wrinkles and acne, rejuvenate skin and heal injuries and scars. It’s also an important part of the Glo910+ where the inflammation-reducing properties contribute to the effectiveness of the anti-cellulite treatment, while also helping to rejuvenate your skin.


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So how does something as simple as red light do all this?

Red light therapy was used to grow plants in space (2) and scientists discovered that using red LEDs helped plants photosynthesize and promoted growth. This then led to scientists studying the effects of red light on human cells, to see if it would promote healthy growth there too. They found that the red light helped strengthen the mitochondria, where cells create energy. With more energy cells work better, repairing damage and rejuvenating themselves.


Infra-red LED light therapy  


The red light used in IR or red light therapy differs from laser treatments as it penetrates below the skin’s surface without causing any damage.


So what can IR or red light therapy do for me?

As IR therapy helps cells repair themselves it’s very useful for promoting skin healing and helping reduce the appearance of scars or acne.  It also helps promote collagen growth which is vital for skin health.  Collagen is a protein that is essential for healthy skin, as it holds everything together, but it is most effective when it’s produced by our own bodies.  There are many collagen creams and supplements on the market but it’s debatable whether they have any real impact on skin health.  However, collagen produced by our body through IR treatment has been shown in studies to lead to younger-looking skin and faster healing times.  This is why IR treatment is so beneficial for people with acne or scars, and how it helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines.


scar tissue removal

IR has also been shown to increase circulation, which can help keep your skin looking healthy. With an increase in circulation tissues receive more oxygen and nutrients, which helps healing, and also helps rid the tissue of toxins, also boosting the efficacy of anti-cellulite treatmentss.


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IR treatment has also been shown to reduce inflammation through increased blood flow and also increase the body’s antioxidant defenses.  This is key to improving the appearance and health of the skin.


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So don’t forget to turn on the red light on your Glo910+ and benefit from the skin rejuvenating properties of IR light!