cellulite on the knees

How to remove cellulite from the knees (step by step)

It is very common to suffer from cellulite on the knees, a part of the body that causes many complexes even in very young women. Cellulite can appear in different areas of the body, especially where the body tends to accumulate liquids.

Fortunately, just as there are techniques to eliminate cellulite in areas such as the thighs, it is also possible to improve the knees.

From Glo, we would like that no woman has inscurities about her body, especially if they prevent her from enjoying life, not wanting to show her legs, for example. So that you can show off your legs without shame, read carefully this article on how to remove cellulite on the knees.

Steps to follow to eliminate cellulite on the knees:

Before starting to know all the alternatives that exist to improve cellulite on the knees, it is important to understand that cellulite is a complex process, and that to improve it it is important to be constant and fight from different sides: diet, supplements, massages...

como eliminar celulitis en las rodillas
Normally cellulite in the knees begins with the accumulation of liquids in that area, generally due to the body's own tendency.

It is quite common in women to notice some fluid accumulation on the inside of the knee, and the ideal would be to act before cellulite appears to avoid it with draining massages and exercise.


To reduce and prevent cellulite on the knees, it is essential to take care of your diet. Although cellulite is not directly associated with being overweight, a balanced diet will be key to prevent its appearance and improve its appearance. Eating a diet rich in fats, sausages and processed foods feeds the body with toxins, which causes the body to accumulate toxins and fats, which can lead to the appearance of cellulite.

To prevent this from happening it is necessary to maintain a balanced diet, rich in vegetables (fruits and vegetables), fish and lean meat that offers the body the nutrients, vitamins and minerals necessary for its functioning and avoid a caloric intake that favors overweight. Avoid these foods, are some of the foods that promote the appearance of cellulite are:
Sweets: pastries and cakes, especially industrial ones, and refined sugar are transformed in the body into saturated fats.

Animal fat: although it is very difficult to eliminate this fat because it represents the main protein intake, you can choose healthier meats such as chicken, white fish and pork loin. The way of cooking them is also important, steamed, grilled, baked... avoid fried and battered.

Carbohydrates: they are very harmful for the organism because they are converted into glycemia and their nutritional value is almost null. It is preferable to consume the integral versions of rice, flour and pasta.

Fried food: oil and fried food are a mouthful of concentrated fat for the organism.


  • If your goal is to remove cellulite on your knees then you must, from now on, start exercising. When you perform a sports routine you burn fat that has been attached for many years to your muscles. This fat is not what forms cellulite, but tightening your muscles will help you improve the appearance of your skin. In addition, once the body stops exercising, the fat and calorie burning process continues, so one hour of effort can turn into three hours of muscle stimulation.
  • The ideal is to combine aerobic and anaerobic exercise. The former are those that suggest cardiac and respiratory effort: such as running, walking, dancing, cycling, etc. The latter seek to strengthen the muscle as fat is burned to combat flaccidity and increase muscle mass. Do not be afraid of weights and machines at the gym, strength exercises are the best to fight cellulite. One exercise that can combine it all is stair climbing.
Specific exercises for the knees: squats
  • There are exercises that can help you specifically improve cellulite in the knees and best of all, you can do them at home: squats.
  • Squats are ideal for burning localized fat while strengthening muscle and increasing muscle mass. You must do SERIES. To start, do sets of 15 squats, and increase them little by little. Between each set, rest for 5-10 seconds.
  • Squat Position: Stand with your feet spread outward, back straight and hands on your hips.
  • Then begin to squat down to a 90-degree angle (back should remain straight).
  • Hold this position for two seconds, return to the starting position and repeat.
  • You can start by doing three sets of 10 repetitions and then increase the repetitions until you reach the ideal goal: 300 repetitions.


  • Despite their ingredients, cosmetics are not the most effective treatment because they remain in the upper layers of the skin, not penetrating to where the cellulite is located.
  • The anti-cellulite cosmetic should always be combined with a powerful anti-cellulite massage to help them penetrate a little more, and can also be combined with an energetic and professional dry brushing, which removes dead cells and opens the pores, stimulating the absorption of the active ingredients of the cosmetics.
  • We recommend that you choose those that are fat-burning and have active components for this purpose, such as Oil 910 anti-cellulite botanical massage oil. Venotonic and anti-edema cosmetics also help, to combat leg retention, such as Glo Serum910.
los mejores cosmeticos botánicos anticelulitis


  • Reducing massages are an excellent option to burn fat and therefore, in addition to helping to reduce measurements, they also allow you to improve the appearance of cellulite.
  • You can go to a professional aesthetic center and make an appointment with a specialist to advise you, evaluate your condition and indicate how many sessions are necessary to remove cellulite in the knees.
  • You can help yourself at home with a good professional device that allows you to be constant in the massages, such as Glo910+ the anti-cellulite and draining massager, which will allow you to take care of yourself at home. At Glo, we advise you personally in an individualized way with the free Virtual Consultation service.
  • The knee massage with Glo910+ should start with the Soft-massage head to help you drain accumulated liquids, and then move on to the Cellu-Active head to work on the fat nodules.


Constant hydration is also important, since water allows the body to purify accumulated toxins in order to release them through urine.

The recommended amount of water to be consumed daily is 2 liters of water.


  • Nowadays there are nutritional supplements that can help you to improve your cellulite of the body and knees, either for its detox and draining effect or for its thermogenic and fat burning effect.
  • From Glo, we have developed a range of natural body nutraceuticals (not yet available in the USA) formulated with the highest concentration of active ingredients to help the body from the inside to improve aspects such as flaccidity, accumulated fat, cellulite or fluid retention that cause swollen and heavy legs.