How To Get Rid of Belly Cellulite? 8 Effective Ways

How To Get Rid of Belly Cellulite? 8 Effective Ways

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If you have cellulite accumulated in the abdomen area, and you would like to improve its appearance, we want to help you with the best tips STEP by STEP so you can achieve it. In this article you'll learn how to get rid of belly cellulite. But first of all, let's understand why this happens.

Why do I have cellulite on my stomach?

  1. Genetics and body type: Our family history plays a role in how easy we can gain weight or accumulate fat rolls the stomach. We all have different body types. There are 3 main body types: Endomorph: Shapely physique, with a large frame and more body fat. Mesomorph: Athletic build, with a medium frame and naturally muscular. Ectomorph: Thin, lanky, and slender, with a small frame and little mass.
  2. Diet: Experts believe what you eat on a regular basis may have a hand on stomach cellulite causes. A diet without antioxidant-rich superfoods or plenty of water almost always results in loss of collagen, dehydrated skin and less skin elasticity. This sets the stage for cellulite in stomach area.
  3. Inflammation: Experts have found evidence that inflammation precipitates the breakdown of your skin's connective tissue, which in turn, could lead to abdominal cellulite.
  4. Pregnancy: Some women develop stomach cellulite during and after pregnancy due to increased weight gain in a short amount of time, as well as high estrogen levels.
  5. Weight fluctuations: Extreme weight gain or weight loss stretches your skin to the extent that it creates more room for a bigger accumulation or deposition of fat cells. These fat cells will, soon enough, manifest themselves as a cellulite tummy.

How to get rid of belly cellulite

How to Get Rid of Cellulite on Stomach?

If you have cellulite on your belly and you feel overwhelmed, we want to help you feel better in your skin, with a system to progressively reduce this problem.
We're not going to fool you, cellulite on the belly is one of the most difficult to eliminate, but don't despair.

Step 1: Become aware and set yourself a goal to get rid of belly cellulite

There are no miracles, if you really want to change, you must be CONSISTENT.
You have to have willpower, to start and stay on the path of healthy self-care. It is not about dieting or crazy things, you have to change some bad habits for good ones.

It's not that these are radical changes that you can't make, but it does mean breaking bad habits and generating new ones, so you're going to need to make an effort. It takes about 21 days for a habit to become established, so take the first month as your GOAL number one.

With consistency and a healthy lifestyle you will be able to improve your tummy considerably. If you are willing to take this first step, keep reading this article to get down to work, and start removing belly cellulite effectively.

Step 2: Avoid foods that cause cellulite on the belly

We are tired of hearing, "we are what we eat", but it is completely true, even though every metabolism and body is different.

What we eat is used by our body as "fuel". There are products that we eat that are not food, and being aware of this is very important. And by food we mean food, which helps you to have energy and vitamins, and your body to function well.

Taking care of food is essential to be healthy, and also to be able to remove cellulite from the belly and other parts of the body.

If we eat foods with excess salt, sugar, saturated fats... they will accumulate in our body. The liver will transform them into fat, making us put on weight in certain areas of the body, and suffer from diseases such as cholesterol.

Therefore, reducing the intake of these additives will make our body healthier, without less fat and, progressively, without less cellulite.

PROHIBITED foods if you want to get rid of belly cellulite:

  • Refined sugars: white sugar, pastries and industrial sweets contain sugar that is not processed by our body and is transformed into saturated fats.
  • Saturated fats of animal origin: although proteins are ideal for diets, the truth is that these must always be light since products such as sausages, pork or red meat contain a large amount of saturated fats that remain stored.
  • Refined flours: pasta, rice or white bread are ingredients that should also be avoided because they are made with a flour whose nutritional value is almost non-existent and, on the other hand, they do have a high caloric intake. It is advisable to consume carbohydrates but made with wholemeal flour. Gluten causes tissue inflammation in many women. By eliminating it from the diet, swelling in the belly and cellulite are usually reduced. It is not so difficult to eliminate gluten from the diet, no fruit, vegetables, meat, fish or legumes contain it. Watch out for ready-made gluten-free foods! Even if they are gluten-free, they sometimes contain sugar and fat. Just try to avoid eating foods with flour.
  • Fried food and sauces: to avoid cellulite, it is advisable to opt for lightly cooked food (grilled, baked, steamed, etc.) and never use sauces because they contain a large amount of fats that are not used by our body.
  • Alcoholic beverages: they are empty calories, do not provide energy and are transformed into fat. It is not advisable to drink alcohol daily, the less the better. This is one of the main causes of edematous cellulite.
  • Carbonated drinks: with sugars, especially if they replace water, they can become a danger to health and silhouette.

If you are interested, our article cellulite fighting foods can help you.

      A few tips that will help you achieve your goals.

      Tip 1: Go shopping with a full stomach, so you don't fall into the temptation of choosing products that are not good but that your brain asks you almost with addiction when you are hungry. If you don't have them at home, you won't eat them.

      Tip 2: If you get to the cash register, and you have snuck something, do a review and remove what you know you should not eat (cookies, salty snacks ...).

      Tip 3: Buy vegetables, fruit, foods that you can cook grilled or steamed (chicken breast, turkey, fish ...) Most of them are not processed, you have to cook even a simple cooking (puree, salad, grilled, steamed ....) the simplest, usually the healthiest. Do not mix many ingredients in the same dish.

      Tip 4: If you have a lot of anxiety, eat fruit at mid-morning, even distinguish thirst from hunger (sometimes we interpret that we are hungry, when what we are really thirsty). Eat as a first course a good salad, that fills you up, and prepares the stomach to make a good digestion, so you can eat the second course more calmly, and ingest the amount of food needed and not overdo it.

      Tip 5: You can help yourself with supplements that help you reduce anxiety, which are satiating.

      Tip 6: Forget sweet desserts, they make the food ferment and slow down digestion.

      Tip 7: Try to finish eating while still feeling a little hungry. Wait a few minutes, and you will notice that you stop feeling this. When we finish eating full and satiated, we have usually overeaten.

      Trick 8: use a small plate to eat, since we tend to fill the plate. This way we will eat less quantity.

      Important: Do not think that you are dieting, this usually generates anxiety, and we get the opposite of what we are looking for. We are re-educating our habits.

      Step 3: Avoid sedentary life, practice some exercise to lose cellulite on the abdomen

      Get rid of belly cellulite

      In order to remove cellulite from your belly, it is essential that you exercise to help burn excess fat from your body and help tone and smooth your skin.

      If you are too lazy to go to the gym, don't worry, start walking for 30 minutes a day at a brisk pace.

      Tip 1: During this walk, concentrate your mind to contract your abdominal muscles (tuck your stomach in all the time).

      Tip 2: Set yourself a schedule, so that laziness doesn't get the better of you, and don't skip your walk.

      If you can walk for up to 1 hour, all the better. In a short time, you will notice a big change in your body if you do this.

      Tip 3: If you want to do a little more, put some weights on your ankles and wrists, and don't slow down.

      If you can make it to the gym, supplement with strength exercises. A 3-day-a-week workout routine would be great. You can work the lower trunk one day and the upper trunk the other, in both routines, you will work the abs in different ways.

      Tip 4: Ask your gym to prepare an exercise table for you to follow, put on some headphones with your favorite music and go for it!

      If you have children, you will be helping them to grow up healthy and learn habits that will serve as an example throughout their lives. You are their mirror and teacher. 

      Step 4: Use Anti-Cellulite Creams or Oils

      As we have already mentioned, cellulite in the abdominal area is difficult to eliminate and requires perseverance and patience. In addition to diet and exercise, you can also use creams that help you to smooth the skin.
      For this, Oil910 sculptouring oil can be a good choice because it consists of natural fat burners, such as zinginber zerumbet.

      How to reduce cellulite on stomach

      Tip: Creams should be applied with a good massage to improve their effectiveness, as they are difficult to penetrate.

      Step 4: Massage away cellulite

      Massages are traditionally one of the best treatments to reduce cellulite. They should be performed periodically, both anti-cellulite massage and lymphatic drainage massage.

      If you go to a professional, they will massage the abdomen area with the aim of mobilizing cellulite and retained fluids, to help eliminate it through the lymphatic and excretory system. With this, toxins and fats are eliminated and fluid retention is reduced.

      It is not always easy because of time and money to be able to go to a professional masseur, but you can help yourself with an anti-cellulite massager that can faithfully reproduce the professional massage to be able to be constant. It is important that it is well designed, and allows you to perform the anti-cellulite massage and the draining massage.

      Here you can learn how to use a cellulite massager.

      How to get rid of abdomen cellulite
      Step 6: Use micro-nutrients to remove cellulite from the belly

      Today, you can boost cellulite reduction from the inside, with supplements that promote the burning of cellulite-forming fat from the belly and other areas of the body.

      Step 7: Home remedies to remove cellulite from the belly

      You can also opt for a natural remedy such as taking infusions made with medicinal herbs whose properties help drain and reduce cellulite. Some ingredients to consider are dandelion and horsetail, for its diuretic effect, and green tea, guarana to burn fat naturally. Better if they are organically grown.
      You can try already calibrated organic tea blends designed to help you reduce cellulite, such as Glo's 14-day program. (Not yet available in teh USA)

      Can you get rid of abdomen cellulite

      Step 8: Drink water

      It is essential to drink at least 2 liters of water a day to eliminate cellulite because it will help us to cleanse the body and get rid of fluid retention.

      Lose belly cellulite

      If you smoke, it is also important to reduce your tobacco consumption since smoking damages the blood vessels by restricting blood circulation, which results in worsening cellulite.


      1. Now you have to make up your mind that you want to make the changes that will help you feel good, take care of your body and your health.
      2. Organize in a calendar your goals by weeks, during the first month. Once achieved, plan for the next month.
      3. Feeling good will encourage you to keep up the pace and not give in to temptation.
      4. If you do not exercise now, start with 30 minutes of walking a day and then increase the intensity of your exercise. This will help you reduce cellulite on the stomach.
      5. In the diet, it is better to be more radical, simply stop buying everything you should not eat.
      6. Daily massage during the first month will help you enormously. You can help yourself with devices that perform professional massage well.
      And lots of encouragement, you can do it!