Glo For All the Family

Glo for all the family

The Glo910 is so effective, its massage techniques and the powerful adjustable motor, make it an authentic " masseuse at home ". Suitable for the whole family.

So you’ve just received a great new beauty device that promises to reduce your cellulite and make your legs smoother and firmer. That sounds fantastic, but what’s even better is the fact that the massage techniques, and super strong motor that make the Glo910 so effective, can be used in many different ways… Ones that will appeal to your whole family.

Glo family


With five different heads available, the Glo910, can be used for a wide range of massage, exfoliation and lifting treatments.


work ethics

We bet you have at least one workaholic in your family, always rushing around, going the extra mile, whether at the office or at home.  After a full day they’ll be tired, stressed and, if they spend a lot of time on their feet, have very tired legs.   After a day like this a relaxing massage is one of the best things to help them switch off.


Use the Cellu-Detox Massage head:

This head can be used for a super relaxing foot massage using reflexology techniques, which will not only make your feet feel great but also your whole body, perfect for helping a workaholic relax after a hard day.

 foot massage


Use the Cellu-Active Massage head:

 Back massage

With this head you can give yourself (or your loved one) a great back massage, which can soothe back pain and help with sciatica and lumbago.  It’s also great for a relaxing massage when you just want to lie back and unwind.


Use the Cool Legs head:

 Cool Legs

For the ultimate leg massage, perfect for people who’ve been on their feet all day, the Cool Legs head should be stored in the fridge, to give you an amazing cooling massage. The cool deep massage will make your legs feel lighter, relieve muscle pain and help all the aches and pains of the day melt away, leaving your workaholic relaxed and refreshed.


Sports lover

Who in your family is a sports lover?  Is your daughter on the soccer team?  Does your son play basketball?  Are you and your partner training for a marathon?  It’s important to warm up muscles before exercise to avoid injury, and after all that exertion we often end up with tired, aching muscles that will benefit from a deep tissue massage.  And it’s been proven that warming up your muscles can help prevent injury and post-exercise massages can aid post-exercise recovery. 

 sports massage


Use the Cellu-Detox Massage head

This head will give athletes a great warm-up massage, on one of the slower settings, helping them to avoid injuries by thoroughly warming up their muscles.  It can also be used post-exercise, for a stronger deeper massage to help with recovery.* 


Use the head Glo Cool Legs

This rotor is recommended by physiotherapists to deflate the muscles after exercise. Cold massage reduces inflammation and muscle pain, especially indicated for the legs.

 Cool leg deep massage

Beauty Junkie

Do you have a teenager daughter who is determined to look her best or are you concerned about your skincare routine?  The Glo910 can help with your facial and body skincare in several different ways.


Use the Body Brush Exfoliator head


If you, or a member of your family, have a special event or are planning a beach trip, use this head to give you a fantastic all over exfoliation treatment that will leave your skin glowing.  The all natural bristles will remove dead skin cells making your skin look radiant and luminous.


Use the Soft Foam Facial Massage head

 face massage

Anti-aging treatments aren’t just for women and you may find your husband also wants to try out this great anti-aging tool. It’s gentle enough to be used on your face, neck and chest giving a fantastic lifting massage.  It can also be used to give your face a gentle exfoliation treatment, giving you a firmer, brighter face and neck.