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Cellulite Elimination – Comparing the Different Procedures Known!

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As more than 90 percent of women have some form of cellulite, the evolution of several cellulite fighting techniques and methods is quite evident. Some claim to smoothen and reduce its appearance while some claim to eliminate it completely. 

Usually, cellulite is more prevalent in women of age group between 25 and 35 and the major culprit of it is the female hormone estrogen. However, there are other culprits as well that cause cellulite formation including genetic predisposition, unhealthy diet and lack of physical activity. 


As far as cellulite reduction or elimination is concerned, it is necessary to increase collagen, target fat deposition and increase blood circulation. Several products, procedures, and devices can be found in the market today for combating cellulite. But are all of them effective? Are these methods safe? Let us find out below –

The best ways to get rid of cellulite

Cellulite Combating Creams

The major ingredients in cellulite combating creams include caffeine and aminophylline that are known for targeting fat cells effectively. These ingredients break down fatty tissues and lend a smooth texture to the skin. Another ingredient found in most of the topical cellulite creams is retinol that helps in smoothing the wrinkled appearances of cellulite by increasing the elasticity of your skin. 

However, it does not penetrate deeper within your skin; hence cannot cure the root of the problem. Cellulite creams are good options for mild cellulite!

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Cellulite Massagers

Today, you can discover a number of anti-cellulite devices at the clinic of your dermatologist as well as for at-home use. The best part of these devices is that using them is safe and trouble-free especially the cellulite massage machine designed for at-home use. Home use cellulite massage machine encourages lymphatic drainage and smoothing of uneven fat depositions that are responsible for the orange-peel texture of the cellulite. 

Our anti-cellulite massage machine Glo910 is a clinically proven device that fights cellulite, reduces fluid retention, as well as provides lighter legs. It has been designed for slowing down the process of cellulite effectively. 

Clinical Procedures

Subcision Surgery is a clinical procedure that helps in combating cellulite. Initially, this procedure was used for treating acne scar marks on the face but gradually the procedure became prominent for treating the dimpling on thighs and butts. 

This treatment involves local or general anesthesia and a cutting tool called derma-sector which treats the cellulite forming bands underneath the skin surface. However, after this treatment swelling occurs on the body which eventually disappears in a week or two while bruises can last longer. 

At Glo, we aim to provide people effective yet safe cellulite combating solution and that is why we have designed our anti-cellulite massage machine Glo910. To find out more about this device get in touch with us at 

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