Can Wood Therapy Help Reduce Cellulite?

Can Wood Therapy Help Reduce Cellulite?

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Wood therapy is an increasingly popular massage technique that uses wooden tools with different shapes such as rollers, cups and boards to work on the body, with the aim of reshaping the figure. If you are considering this therapy, you may be wondering: does it have any side effects?

The wood therapy is a treatment that promises visible results from the first sessions, using various wooden massage tools. These tools are applied on the body with repetitive, intense, and continuous movements, thanks to the hands-on approach of the professional. A session usually lasts 50 minutes and it takes around 10-15 sessions to start seeing results.

This type of massage can be performed on the entire body. It helps to stimulate microcirculation and elimination of retained liquids. It can also relax the body and release accumulated daily stress, though one needs to be consistent and patient.         

Depending on your needs—for example, reducing cellulite—different wooden tools will be used on different areas of the body. Before starting the massage, the therapist should perform a full-body evaluation and design a program that’s suited to each person’s particular needs. As the client, we should keep a healthy diet and lifestyle to best enjoy the changes wood therapy can bring to the body.

Does wood therapy have any side effects? Does it hurt?

Wood therapy is a natural, non-invasive massage technique, so when performed properly, it shouldn't produce any side effect. However, do exercise caution if you have any special skin condition, allergic to wood, or to any ingredients in the massaging oil, which is typically used in wood therapy.

The major complaint of it might be that it can hurt and cause bruising. In this case, you should wait until the inflammation has subsided for the next session, otherwise it would hurt quite a lot. Also, when the massagingtechnique is not mastered, it is possible to exert more pressure than necessary or perform an incorrect movement, which can cause discomfort. So make sure you find an excellent therapist!

It works by creating friction on the outer skin layer, activating lymphatic drainage and blood circulation, which can help reduce cellulite. But this help is limited because the massage does not reach muscles or bones, and the fat cells that produce cellulite are located at a very deep level. To break up these fat cells, more force must be exerted to reach the muscle fascia.

Furthermore, the massage itself does not stimulate collagen production as is sometimes claimed. By stimulating microcirculation, it can improve oxygenation of the cellulite tissue, but it does not stimulate collagen production.

To sum up--when considering getting a wood therapy massage, it is important to keep the following things in mind:

  1. Choose a skilled expert.
  2. Maintain a healthy diet. Stay hydrated. Stay active.
  3. Be patient, as results may not be visible immediately, especially when it comes to reducing localized fat and cellulite.

Is there an at-home alternative treatment to wood therapy?

"Wood therapy has no side effects but should be performed by a professional. If you are looking for something that reduces cellulite and localized fat at home, consider an anti-cellulite electric massager like Glo910.

Glo910 is designed to emulate a hands-on lymphatic massage offered by a specialized therapist. This techno-beauty device will save your time and money, encourage you to be consistent, and produce noticeable results in just a few weeks. Would you like to know more?