Reduces Bloating and Improves Digestion
Slimming Tea
Slimming Tea
Reduces Bloating and Improves Digestion
Slimming Tea
Slimming Tea


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It promotes the loss of weight, improves digestion, eliminates accumulated toxins, burns excess fat, and provides extra energy and vitality.

The Express Program was designed to help the body drain excess fluid, which tends to accumulate especially in the legs, making us feel swollen and heavy. It contains biological ingredients traditionally used to help lose weight and improve digestion, in combination with a natural lemon flavor.

Drink it for at least 14 days in a row, in the morning and at noon, to cleanse your body and feel light when deflating.

Get ready to face the day with energy and lighten your legs!

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The secret? A powerful tea that does 3 key actions

Express Program Detox & Slimming

Volume reduction

Promotes the flushing of retained toxins, thanks to its diuretic properties

Slimming tea ingredients

Fat Burning Action

It stimulates the metabolism and reduces fat absorption. It also reduces appetite and anxiety.

Reduces Bloating and Improves Digestion

Improves digestion

Aids heavy digestion, and reduces bloating.