Oil910 How To Use

Glo910 Body Sculptor Oil


Pour an ample amount of the oil and apply it on the problem area (thighs, legs, belly). Massage vigorously in an upward circular movement; this will help combat cellulite. We recommend preparing the skin by doing a professional dry peel with Glo910’s BODY BRUSH for better and faster results.

Glo910 Massage Machine
Glo910 anticellulite device
Glo910 Device For Greater Effect


Help yourself from your Glo910 device for a more professional application and achieve a greater effect.

Oil910 presentation


Store in a cool, dry place protected from direct light. Topical use. * Possible changes in color and odor are normal due to the natural components of the product and do not affect its quality at all. Do not use if you are pregnant.