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Night Tea Benefits

  • It promotes restful sleep along with a potent diuretic action that enables the elimination of accumulated fluids during the day.
  • Anti-stress: Calming effect; relieves stress and anxiety, allowing you to enjoy a moment of peace during the day.
  • Promotes weight loss by reducing appetite and anxiety.
  • Helps flush fluids thanks to its powerful diuretic action.
  • 100% ORGANIC: Made from the best organic ingredients. Pesticide free Naturally dried.
  • Formulated by specialists for effective results: Herbal tea designed by a group of nutritionists and experts in the properties of herbs
  • Delicious: Natural lemon flavor
  • No allergic additives: Non-laxative, Gluten-free, Vegan.
  • Guaranteed quality: 28 individual sachets meticulously packed to maintain all the freshness and properties of the tea.
Slimming night tea