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Nutricosmetics. You've probably heard it for the first time and get a little confused with what it's all about. But in Europe and Asia, the beauty industry has already been in love with this newest trend of making yourself more radiant, beautiful, and healthy inside and out.


The word nutricosmetic, also known as edible cosmetic, basically refers to oral-based natural health products that contain targeted nutrients and antioxidants that can have a preventive or therapeutic effect on the skin, hair, or nails. In Asia, this has been called a beauty beverage, but nutricosmetics are not just limited to beverages but also capsules, tablets, powdered foods, etc.

And while nutricosmetic has been introduced in the beauty industry since the late 1980s, it's only during these few years when it has become in demand and more popular.


Beauty from Within

Nutricosmetic is proving that beauty isn't just something exterior. Instead, beauty starts from within and it can be nourished from within. And while they may help provide you with radiant-looking and supple skin like what traditional cosmetics do, they also promote a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle by becoming like a nutritional supplement, talk about doing two works in one.

A well-nourished skin is absolutely vital for a person to have a healthy and radiant appearance. And that is why nutricosmetic promotes beauty that starts beneath the surface. It also shares the relevance of having a balanced nutrition.


And the best thing about nutricosmetics? They fit in your schedule! You won't even spend an hour or two to consume and prepare them. You can even take them wherever you go! They also get you the result that you've wanted. With nutricosmetics, expect the results that you've wanted with relatively low effort.

Glo, The Skin You Deserve

Here at Glo, we are always brewing something to promote wellness and beauty. We have a wide array of nutricosmetics concocted to specifically target and improve skin issues like blemishes, cellulite, and aging.

If you want to give Nutricosmetic ago, here's a selection that you can get from Glo, all of which have been proven effective to yield the results that you have wanted.

Skin 910 LIFTING&FIRMING Rejuvenation Formula

This formulation challenges skin aging by regenerating the skin and making it luminous and firm from the inside. Combining 23 natural ingredients including Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Marine Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptan®, and Pygnogenol®, the Skin 910 LIFTING&FIRMING Rejuvenation Formula maximizes the skin's healthy and young-looking appearance.

How to use it: Dissolve the powder in the sachet in a glass of water or vegetable milk at room temperature. Drink the solution completely.

slimming and anti-cellulite


This potent nutraceutical is formulated using a high concentration of natural ingredients that are known to have a slimming and anti-cellulite effect. Among the extracts that this miracle pill have are ginger, cocoa, horsetail, turmeric, guarana, L-Carnitine, and Pycnogenol.

It doesn't just burn the fat of the fat cell by activating lipolysis, it also drains toxins, improves microcirculation and reduces inflammation.

Best to use with the Glo 910 reducing massager.

How to Use: Take two capsules delivery, preferably a few minutes before taking breakfast and lunch.

SkinW + Anti-Blemish

This powerful anti-blemish capsule is definitely the secret that you need to hear to have radiant-looking skin. With high depigmenting power, the SkinW+ does not just whiten and brightens stubborn blemishes of the skin, it also moisturizes and prevents the skin from again. It also does protect the skin again pollution and UVA rays that are known to make the skin dull.

SkinW+ contains numerous natural extracts including lycopene, ursi, and lycium barbarum.

How to Use: Take 1 capsule daily

Beauty from within has definitely been made possible thanks to the growing trend for nutricosmetics. Now, our skin isn’t just being pampered from the outside but also from within.

Try our nutricosmetics selection and experience for yourself the latest innovation of beauty by Glo.

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